Travel very cheaply to Disney


Traveling very cheaply to Disney is possible! You may be planning your dream trip to discover Disney, but you want to spend little.

So we offer some tips that help you save on accommodation, airline tickets, food, travel insurance, park tickets, shopping, car rental, cell phone chip and much more.


Travel very cheaply to Disney

1) Travel in low season months to Disney


The first tip is to avoid traveling in high season, which occurs during school holidays in Brazil and at the end of the year, as everything is more expensive at Disney.

Travel very cheaply to Disney
Travel very cheaply to Disney

Traveling in low season considerably reduces total costs and also avoids queues and crowds in the parks. Keeping up with the local calendar is also important, such as the American Spring Break and Easter dates.

2) Get cheap tickets to Orlando

To find cheaper flights to Orlando, it is important to do a lot of research on search engines and airline ticket comparison companies, which search all airlines.

In addition, checking ticket prices to cities close to Orlando, such as Miami, can be a good option to compare prices.

Flights from Monday to Wednesday are generally cheaper than flights from Thursday onwards, and night flights are also more expensive than flights in the afternoon. If the flight has more stopovers, the price may be more affordable.

By following these tips, you can save money and enjoy Disney attractions much more.

3) Shop cheap in Orlando

Avoid compulsive shopping in the first few days. Write down the values of what you want to buy and research while walking.

The outlets can be a good option to buy things cheaply. Buy in malls and stores in the parks only what you can't find elsewhere.

Use the discount coupons offered by malls and outlets, which are very good. Go to their website and print the coupons. Many may already have a QR code, no printing required.

Department stores are very famous in the United States and offer much cheaper clothing options from all famous brands.

Marshalls, Ross and TJ Maxx stores are the most popular. They have stores spread throughout the city and a system of points of stock that receive products that have already been discontinued.

4) Get the cheapest travel insurance

Traveling very cheaply to Disney International Travel Insurance is an essential item for an international trip. It covers any unforeseen event that may occur, such as medical and dental care and luggage theft. Usually, medical care abroad is very expensive.

Use the travel insurance comparison tool to search for all options in US companies. Withdrawal is fast and insurance can be paid in installments.

Some companies are headquartered in Brazil. We recommend Travel Ace, Assist Card and SulAmérica.

5) How to rent a car cheaply

Orlando is a city where you need a car to get around due to the long distances. Renting a car is easy and can be a good experience.

The car can also be useful to extend the trip and get to know Miami, which is less than 4 hours from Orlando.

However, it is important to book your car rental in advance to save money and get a lower price. This can be done over the internet. The earlier you book, the cheaper the rent.

To drive, use your cell phone's GPS. We recommend using Orlando car rental price comparators.

There are comparators that accept payment in reais and allow installments, while others only accept dollars, without installments. Choose the one that offers the best price.

6) Save big on Disney parks 

At Orlando amusement parks, things are often very expensive, especially at Disney and Universal stores.

You can find the same product for a cheaper price at a Walmart or gift shop. So, don't be in a hurry to buy.

Use a squeeze bottle to drink water and refill it at the water fountains around the park. This may sound silly, but over the course of the day and with the number of people you are with, the difference in your pocket is significant.

On meals, it is also possible to spend less. Choose the cheapest restaurants and fast-food options. Take a backpack with some snacks to save even more.

7) Cell phone use

It is possible to save by buying an international prepaid chip instead of using your cell phone in international roaming. Also, many hotels charge for Wi-Fi access.

Buying an international prepaid chip from an American company can be more advantageous. If you rent a car, the chip can be free, as it will not be necessary to rent a GPS. Your phone will have GPS built into the chip.

It is important to have GPS to use the parks apps, which help with location and planning.

You can hire an international chip service from a Brazilian company over the internet.

8) Cheap accommodation in Orlando

Staying at a Disney hotel is fun, but very expensive. Hotels outside the complex are cheaper and it is possible to find options close to all parks and outlets.

Most of these hotels offer breakfast included, so be sure to have this meal before you leave. This can save you money, as the service is already included in the rate.

Hotels in Lake Buena Vista and on International Drive are recommended as they have many units and multiple rooms.

Search with a hotel search engine and find the best option within your budget.

9) Cheapest tickets to Disney

Choose combos and promotions offered to save on the purchase of tickets.

Disney day combos are ideal for those who intend to go to at least three Disney parks. If that's your case, it's better to buy the combo for the four parks, as the price difference is minimal.

The rule is that the more days you use the parks, the cheaper the ticket.

Buy tickets online before your trip to pay a lower amount, as the tax is charged in reais and not in dollars. Don't shop at Disney.

Tio Orlando Viagens is a recommended company that offers Disney tickets, as well as NBA tickets, house and room rentals. All packages are reasonably priced.

For those who want to visit all the parks, the best-selling combos are: the 4-day Disney one (to visit the 4 Disney parks), the 2-day Universal one (for the 2 Universal parks) and the 2-day one for SeaWorld and Busch Gardens.

Travel very cheap to Disney 1
Travel very cheap to Disney 1

10) Accommodation without a hotel

Rent a house or room in Orlando to save money, especially if you are traveling with a large group such as family and friends.

Vacation rental homes in Orlando are a good option, as there are condos close to Disney with all the necessary infrastructure.

Another recommended option is renting rooms inside houses in private condominiums. It is ideal for those traveling with up to 4 people and don't want to rent a whole house. This way you can travel very cheaply to Disney.

Renting a house or a room in Orlando is an excellent option to save money without losing comfort. This service is offered by Tio Orlando Viagens.

11) Cheapest attractions in Orlando

In addition to the Disney parks, Orlando offers a complex of attractions with free admission and you only pay for the ones you use. They are cheaper than the parks and a great option to have fun for a whole day.

ICON Park Orlando is located on International Drive and has attractions such as The Wheel, one of the largest in the world, where several people enter together and can give a good view of Orlando.

Other popular attractions are the Ferris wheel, the Madame Tussauds Wax Museum (that famous museum that has replicas of all the celebrities for you to take a picture with) and the large Sea Life Orlando aquarium.

In addition to the attractions, there are shops and restaurants in the park.

Tickets to Orlando Games for those who like sports, watching an NBA or NFL game can be a great option.

The basketball teams, Orlando Magic, and American football, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, are located near Orlando, in the city of Tampa.

12) How to buy dollars and save

The most economical and advantageous way is to carry dollars in cash. Buying dollars in cash, you save the 6% IOF charged on the prepaid card and credit card. However, it is not recommended to carry all cash in cash for safety and practicality reasons.

The tip is to take an amount of approximately 700 to 1200 dollars per person in cash and the rest on an international prepaid card. This is a super secure and easy-to-use method, in addition to having a cheaper exchange rate than a credit card and allowing you to track expenses and top up at any time via the app or the internet. The credit card is the most expensive method, as it has an IOF of 6% and a high exchange rate, but it is important to carry the card with you for emergencies and car rental and hotel reservations.

For those who like to accumulate points and miles, using a credit card can be worthwhile.

On the exchange rate, you can't save much.

The important thing is to look for a good foreign exchange company. We recommend Travelex Confidence Cambio.

They offer all purchases over the internet, either in cash or with a prepaid card, and they deliver everything to your home, safely. But you can look for a company you trust.


Now that we've shared the best tips for you to spend little and travel very cheaply to Disney, you can start planning your next vacation.

Disney is certainly a charming place and has attractions for the whole family.

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