What to do in Torres


What to do in Torres to complement the tourist experience in Rio Grande do Sul? It is important to know about the local cuisine and culture, so that the visitor feels more comfortable with all the information about the city.

What to do in Torres

Cuisine is part of the Cultural Heritage of Torres and can be enjoyed by tourists both in seafood restaurants and in the delicious recipes and delicacies offered on rural properties.


In the city, the gastronomic route along the Mampituba River brings together excellent options for restaurants specializing in seafood. In addition, there are other restaurants and bars that offer elaborate dishes and are mentioned here as worth visiting.


What to do in Torres
What to do in Torres

Guarita Gastronomy 

With a stunning view of Pedra da Guarita and the sea, this place enchants not only for the landscape, but also for the menu. Shrimp Thai style with fried rice is served in an unusual way, inside a pineapple. With a perfect combination of spice and sweetness, it is a typical summer dish with incredible flavors.

Basil Pizza on the Stone 

The pizzeria offers high quality pizza deliveries in Torres. They include award-winning recipes like Pearl Jam, which is made with smoked Canadian tenderloin, pineapple and pepper jelly. In addition, there are options of less conventional flavors, but equally delicious. And, of course, you can also find the most classic pizzas.

traditional sport

Ballooning is a traditional sporting activity and a popular option on what to do in Torres. In addition to offering incredible views of the city, such as the white beaches, the blue sea and the green forest, the city also offers many other possibilities for outdoor experiences and sports.

The highlight of the events in Torres is the International Ballooning Festival, which has more than 30 editions and attracts tourists and pilots from all over Brazil and abroad. During the event, the city is filled with color and visitors can enjoy competitions, artistic presentations and a parallel program full of attractions.

Rural tourism

Rural Tourism in Torres is an opportunity to get to know the traditional cuisine of the interior, with colonial lunches and coffees in rural farms. The interior of the city is marked by its history, being the place where the first sesmarias began and where the production of sugar cane, cachaça and bananas were important for the local economy. Currently, the farms on the Rural Route offer visitors the best local cuisine. Rural Tourism is another example of what to do in Torres. It is a call for well-being and health, with its many possibilities to try natural products.

Stays in the countryside:

What to do in Torres 1
What to do in Torres 1

– Sítio Nirvana – is a place of peace and tranquility, located in the middle of nature and with the possibility of listening to birdsong. In addition, he has the H. Spalding atelier, where the natural beauty of the elements brought by the sea is transformed into works of art that tell stories. This is an ideal place for those looking for a moment of reflection and harmony with nature.

– Itapeva Eco Village

Itapeva Ecovillage is a perfect destination for those who seek tranquility and contact with nature, yet with comfort and exclusive services. Located close to Itapeva State Park, just 8 km from the beach and the city center, it is an ideal option for those who want to escape the hustle of the city and connect with nature.

– Pousada Morada das Bromélias

Pousada Morada das Bromélias offers guests an experience of nature and tranquility, with views of the city, the Mampituba River and the Serra do Mar. The inn has a history related to the production of vegetables and sustainability, and has trails for fishing in the river. The environment offers visitors a country atmosphere, immersed in nature and surrounded by fruit trees.

You will certainly enjoy this visit a lot and you will have a lot to do in Torres and many unforgettable moments to share with friends.

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