Trekking in the Pati Valley


Trekking in Vale do Pati, a region of Chapada Diamantina that keeps nature almost untouched and has incredible landscapes.

Trekking, a more or less difficult walk, walking between mountains, valleys and areas of natural environment is an adventure. The goal is always for sport or leisure.


Considered the most beautiful trekking in the country, Vale do Pati is one of the hidden places in Brazil. The region has many plateaus and mountains.


You can walk through forests where there are rivers and waterfalls with an almost original nature.

The route takes at least 3 days, and it is very rare to do it before this deadline. It is recommended the presence of a tour guide of the region.

In addition, good preparation for camping, with suitable materials, and a lot of repellent.

Trekking in the Pati Valley

This trekking is in Chapada Diamantina and in a very particular stretch, with an adventure between forests and rivers. The landscapes are sensational.

Vale do Pati is an isolated region in the heart of Chapada Diamantina, and trekking is a great way to explore the area and connect with nature.

Trekking in the Pati Valley
Trekking in the Pati Valley

During the tour, you will walk along incredible trails, cross crystalline rivers and see breathtaking waterfalls.

The tour starts in Andaraí and follows a trail that leads to the Pati Valley, where you will camp and spend the night under a starry sky.

On the second day, you can choose between taking a lighter hike or climbing Morro do Castelo, a mountain with an incredible view of the region.

On the third day, you will visit Cachoeirão, a 300 meter high waterfall that is simply spectacular.

And on the last day, you return to Andaraí, passing through more trails and unforgettable landscapes.

Trekking in Chapada

Trekking in the Pati Valley is an unforgettable adventure that will leave memories for a lifetime. So, if you want to discover one of the most beautiful places in Brazil, put Chapada Diamantina on your list of destinations and join this adventure!

So, if you want to venture into Chapada Diamantina and enjoy breathtaking landscapes, trekking in Vale do Pati is the right choice!

In addition to the incredible landscapes, trekking in the Pati Valley is also an opportunity to get to know the local culture.

During the tour, you will pass through small villages and have the chance to talk to the locals, who are very welcoming and friendly.

But it is good to remember that trekking in the Pati Valley requires good physical preparation, as the trails can be tiring in some sections.

Therefore, it is important to take adequate equipment, such as comfortable sneakers, a sturdy backpack and light clothes, as well as plenty of water and food.

If you don't have camping experience, don't worry: the agencies that offer the tour usually provide tents and other necessary equipment.

And if you don't want to worry about food, it is also possible to hire a guide to prepare meals for the group.

local accommodations

The trekking passes through places where there are residents' houses, which are already known bases for the itinerary. They offer the overnight stay with the meal and the good hospitality of the residents is enchanting.

In addition, the food is prepared on a wood stove, which is very difficult to see nowadays. The simple accommodation, with bathrooms and comfortable beds, perfect after a long day of hiking.

The most common itineraries through the Pati Valley take three to five days, but the duration can be negotiated with the guide, in the case of a private group.

Usually, per day, 15 to 25 km are covered. But that depends on the profile of the people in the group. Whether or not you have experience with walking and qualified for the difficulty of the route.

In the Valley there are no roads laid out, not even on the ground, for cars. To get around there only with the help of transport animals (horses, mares and donkeys) or on foot.

The animals are also used by residents to transport loads.

The Pati region is a very remote place, far from cities, where few families live. In the house of these families is where tourists stay, shower and have meals.

Vale do Pati is a spectacular region of Chapada Diamantina, ideal for those seeking contact with nature and adventure.

Among the most famous houses for lodging in the Pati Valley are Casa do Seu Wilson, Casa da Dona Raquel, which offers a very good forró with accordion. In addition to the City Hall and the church, some traditional residents of the region.

For those who decide to make the journey on their own, it is important not to leave the accommodation reservation for the last minute. Vale do Pati is a very sought after region and places in the houses are limited.

Therefore, it is essential to plan your trip in advance to ensure the best possible experience. However, those who decide to venture into the region should be prepared for a simpler and more rustic lifestyle.

The houses for lodging in Vale do Pati are simple, but offer a good night's sleep and very tasty food.

Trekking in the Pati Valley 1
Trekking in the Pati Valley 1

The only problem is the cold water for the shower, as there is no house that offers hot water. Energy is also limited, often from solar panels, but there is always an outlet to charge electronics.

Usually, accommodation reservations are made by the guides, but it can also be done directly with the owners of the houses through a messaging application.

However, it is important to book at least seven days in advance to guarantee your spot.

House rates include beds, dinner and breakfast. Some houses accept camping, but not all.

The rooms can be double or collective, but the most common are the collective rooms, where travelers share their sleep and experiences along the Pati.


In summary, Vale do Pati is an incredible place, with exuberant nature and a simple and rustic lifestyle.

The houses for lodging are comfortable and the food is tasty, but you have to be prepared for the lack of hot water and limited energy.

However, the experience of spending a night in the Pati Valley is unforgettable and well worth the effort.

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