Meet Palmas


Get to know Palmas, the Capital of the State of Tocantins, founded 33 years ago as a planned city and is currently the seat of the state.

With about 300,000 inhabitants, Palmas has experienced significant population growth, despite not reaching the population envisioned by its founders. This gives the city the atmosphere of a metropolis, but with the tranquility of the countryside.


Located in the center of Tocantins, Palmas is the gateway to the most popular tourist destination in the region, Jalapão. In addition, the capital is a tourist attraction in itself, with remarkable sights and is worth at least a day visit.


In addition to urban attractions, Palmas also offers freshwater beaches and the district of Taquaruçu, located in the mountainous region of the municipality, which stands out for its numerous waterfalls.

In this article, we will present what to do in Palmas, highlighting its tourist attractions and providing tips for your trip.

Meet Palmas

The best time to get to know Palmas and make a good visit to the city is between May and September, but the capital is hot all year round, with average temperatures ranging from 22ºC to 30ºC and little variation throughout the year.

Meet Palmas 1
Meet Palmas 1

However, there are two distinct climatic seasons: dry and rainy. The best time to visit Palmas is between May and September, when it is local summer and there is little rain.

This is the ideal time to enjoy the freshwater beaches and waterfalls of Taquaruçu, in addition to going on an expedition to Jalapão. The rainy season runs from October to April, but the rains are generally short and do not deter a visit.

How to get to Palmas

For visitors arriving from far away, Brigadeiro Lysias Rodrigues airport in Palmas is the gateway, serving the capital and the entire state. The airport is located 18 km from the center of Palmas and with an Uber ride you can get around the city.

Circulating in the City of Palmas can be difficult, as it is wide, with wide streets, medians and roundabouts, similar to Brasilia.

Tourist attractions are far from each other and therefore it is necessary to rent a car or use paid transportation to visit them.

Praça dos Girassóis is the area with the most tourist attractions and also has many hotels, shops and restaurants.

Get to know Palmas and explore the city and its surroundings on foot, especially from Praça dos Girassóis.

Most hotels in Palmas are located close to Praça dos Girassóis, in the city center, where there are many shopping and dining options.

During the trip, the Hotel Pousada dos Girassóis or the Victoria Plaza Hotel can be good options in terms of cost-effectiveness.

There are also other hotel options of different categories. What to do in Palmas: You can start exploring Palmas from the Praça dos Girassóis, located in the center of the city.

There, you can meet the Our Lady of Conception Church, which has modern and elegant architecture. In addition, the square has a well-tended garden and shops and restaurants are nearby.

Another important attraction is the Water park, where you can enjoy a panoramic view of the city and cool off outdoors.

You can also stroll through the Ecological Park, which has a large green area and a beautiful lagoon.

Don't miss the chance to visit the beaches of the Tocantins River, located west of the city, to enjoy the sun, swim in crystal clear waters and relax in an amazing environment. If you have time, it is also worth visiting the Taquaruçu waterfalls, located a few kilometers from Palmas.

Palmas tourist attractions

-Monument to the Truck Driver

This monument located in Praça dos Girassóis is a tribute to truck drivers, important for the transport of goods and the economy of Brazil. It consists of a sculpture of a cart and a truck driver with his pack animals.

– Pontal Municipal Park

Located in the eastern part of the city, the Parque Municipal do Pontal is a large green space with a lake, bike path, playground, sports court, food courts and much more. Perfect for a leisurely day with family or friends.

– Museum of the Amazon

This museum presents the biodiversity, history and culture of the Amazon region, including indigenous peoples. It is a place to learn and admire the beauty of the Amazon.

– Fountain at Praça dos Girassóis

This fountain located in Praça dos Girassóis in Palmas is a tourist attraction. It has an artificial waterfall and is illuminated by LED lights and pumps, forming a 15-meter fountain.

– Prestes Column Memorial

Designed by architect Oscar Niemeyer, this memorial is a tribute to the political-military movement Coluna Prestes and contains exhibition rooms, an auditorium and a statue in front of the building.

– Cathedral of Palmas

The cathedral in Palmas was completed in 2011 and its architecture is simple and modern. However, over time, its size no longer supports the necessary structure.

Therefore, in 2015 a new project was started for a larger cathedral with capacity for 800 people.

– Historical Museum of Tocantins

Known as Palacinho, it is a Jatoba wood building built in 1989 as the first seat of the state executive power.

Currently transformed into a museum, some of its original rooms have been maintained, including the Governor's Office, and there are exhibitions of historical, archaeological and cultural objects that tell the history of Tocantins and its capital.

– Lookout of Limpão

It is a natural stone platform that offers breathtaking views of the valley where the city of Palmas is located. It is a popular tourist spot for those who want to enjoy the sunrise or sunset.

To get to the viewpoint, you need to walk 500 meters from Portal do Limpão, a snack bar located at the foot of the mountain. There are several trails that lead to the lookout, very popular with motorcyclists and cyclists, and it is only 8 km from the city center.

These are some of the main sights in Palmas, Tocantins. If you have the opportunity to visit this city, don't miss the chance to explore its culture, history and natural beauty.

Meet Palmas
Meet Palmas

beaches of Palmas

A Canela Island it is a true natural jewel, with its crystalline waters and white sands, it is the perfect place for those looking for tranquility and exuberant landscapes. It offers leisure options, such as boat trips, diving and fishing, and the view of the sunset is unforgettable, making it an ideal place to enjoy nature and relax.

A Graciosa beach it is a livelier option, centrally located and with a lively nightlife. It has a good structure, including space for children's recreation, sports courts and a lot of green area, being perfect for those looking for a lively atmosphere and several leisure options.

already the Arnos beach it is quieter, located north of Palmas. It is a freshwater beach with good infrastructure, including kiosks, bars, bathrooms and showers, making it a great option to spend the day with family or friends.

A Pirate Beach it is one of the most popular, with several restaurants and large kiosks by the river. It offers a wide variety of leisure options, including camping, sports courts and recreation areas, in addition to crystalline waters and pleasant temperatures. The beach also hosts cultural and sporting events and festivities, and is about 9 km from the center of Palmas.

A Praia do Caju it is a quieter option, without much movement, located 12 km from the center of Palmas, in the south of the city. It is a new beach with good infrastructure, calm, clean waters with a pleasant temperature, in addition to kiosks and tables at the water's edge, with a shoreline of about 370 meters.

Taquaruçu Waterfalls

They are a true paradise for lovers of nature and adventure tourism. It is possible to find waterfalls with impressive waterfalls, natural pools and crystalline waters.

Some of the most visited include Cachoeira dos Cajuízes, Cachoeira do Riachinho and Cachoeira da Fumaça.

Some of these waterfalls offer space for camping, hiking trails and even water sports such as rafting and abseiling.

Take the opportunity to discover these incredible places and enjoy nature. In summary, Taquaruçu is a perfect city for those looking for rest and contact with nature.

In addition to the waterfalls, there are several options for tours and adventures in the region.

Be sure to try the culinary delights of the region, such as “Filezinho de Pirarucu”. Get to know Palmas and if you are looking for a place to stay, there are countless options for inns and hotels in the city of Palmas and in the region.


Get to know Palmas and its tourism. In Tocantis, the newest capital of the country, it has many charms.

Each freshwater beach in Palmas is unique in its own way and offers different opportunities for its visitors.

Ilha do Canela offers a peaceful environment and lush landscapes to relax. Praia da Graciosa is a livelier option, with its complete structure and busy nightlife. Praia dos Arnos is a quiet option to spend the day with family or friends.

Praia do Pirata is popular for its variety of leisure options, while Praia do Caju is a quieter option for those looking for tranquility.

And in the city of Taquaruçu, visitors can enjoy its beautiful waterfalls. Palmas is a versatile option and rich in attractions, making it a perfect choice for those looking for freshwater options on the Tocantins River.

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