Discover Ceara


Discover Ceará a versatile tourist destination, offering a wide variety of activities that cater to the most varied tastes. If you are looking to relax or venture into nature, this state is the right place for you. Located in the Northeast of Brazil, Ceará is rich in natural beauty, historical heritage and fascinating attractions.

With a diverse culture and rich in traditions, Ceará has a diverse nature, with a mountainous interior and a spectacular coastline. Receiving more than one million visitors each year, most choose to visit Fortaleza, but other destinations also attract tourists.


The best time to visit Ceará is between the months of July and December, when the rains are rare and the possibilities for sightseeing are wide. Come experience this state and find out why it is so loved by tourists from all over the world.


Discover Ceara

With so many different tourist destinations and cities, it can be difficult for some tourists to put together an itinerary to visit Ceará. The state is famous worldwide for being the birthplace of some of the most renowned Brazilian comedians, but it is also sought after by tourists from all over the world for the beauty of its coastline.

The beaches spread across the state are really spectacular, offering a wide variety of natural attractions, such as coconut groves, dunes, colored waters, fountains, meeting rivers and cliffs with colored sand.

get to know Ceará
get to know Ceará

Days in Ceará are generally warm and sunny, which makes the region known as “Land of Light”. However, during the months of January to July, the rains are frequent, which can affect some activities.

If you are planning a trip to Ceará, consider visiting the coastal cities, such as Fortaleza, Cumbuco, Canoa Quebrada, among others, to enjoy the beaches and nature. If you are looking for adventure, try hiking, buggy rides or kitesurfing. No matter what you're looking for, Ceará has something for everyone.

Where to go in Ceará

Discover Ceará, a perfect tourist destination for those looking for a trip full of adventure, culture and natural beauty.

In addition, the local gastronomy is a show in itself, offering delicious dishes with unique ingredients and spices from the region. With plenty of prawns, lobsters, dried meat, the famous tapioca, the popular baião de dois and lots of chestnuts.

For nature lovers, the state offers stunning beaches and countless outdoor activities. Fans of water parks will be delighted by Beach Park, the largest water park in Latin America.

And for those looking for comfortable accommodation, the Gran Mareiro Hotel in Fortaleza is a great suggestion.

In addition to Fortaleza, other important cities to visit in Ceará are Caucaia, Juazeiro do Norte, Itapipoca, Aquiraz, Canindé, Sobral, Cascavel, Paraipaba, Beberibe and Aracati.

They all have amazing tourist attractions and are worth including in your travel itinerary.

Get to know Ceará and the capital Fortaleza

A trip to Fortaleza is a unique opportunity to escape the routine. There, you can enjoy the local cuisine, which includes fresh fish, stew, crab with unforgettable sauces.

In addition, the beaches are an attraction in their own right, with paradisiacal landscapes, exciting dunes and raft rides.

In nearly 99% of cases, a trip to Ceará is synonymous with the beach, and Fortaleza's beaches are, without a doubt, some of the most beautiful you'll ever see. As the metropolis of beaches, Fortaleza guarantees an unforgettable trip.

The hot and sunny climate, with an average temperature of 27°C, is perfect for diving in the warm waters of Praia do Futuro, as well as other beaches in the metropolitan area.

Praia do Futuro is known for its beach huts, which offer a wide range of gastronomic and leisure services, with elegant furniture, comfort and first-class service next to the sea.

Jericoacoara Pole


It is not necessary to dive into the depths of the sea to find treasures. In Jericoacoara, one of the most valuable natural jewels is located on the seafront.

With its breathtaking scenery of dunes, blue sky and crystalline sea, it is part of a landscape of beaches on the west coast, such as Cumbuco, Taíba, Lagoinha, Flecheiras and Camocim, among others.

The dunes, coves, islands and lagoons are incredible and unforgettable places. Jeri, as it is affectionately known, rose to fame when the Washington Post listed it as one of the 10 most beautiful beaches in the world.

The pleasant climate, water temperature and bright sun are perfect conditions for tourists to enjoy during their visit.

On the beaches of Pólo de Jericoacoara, you will find fishing villages, where you can also find rafts that are part of the local landscape.

get to know Ceara 1
get to know Ceara 1

Canoa Quebrada Polo

Costa Sol Nascente is an open-air museum, where natural beauty is the main work. The cliffs and dunes are true sculptures created by nature, which captivate visitors with their beauty and perfection.

It is there that you will find the most beautiful beaches on the coast of Ceará, such as Canoa Quebrada, which is illuminated by the sun during the day.

In addition, other beaches in the region, such as Majorlândia, Lagoa do Mato and Quixaba, are perfect for those looking for shade and fresh water.

And, for those looking for an even more mystical experience, Morro Branco in Beberibe offers its labyrinth of cliffs and the beaches of Ponta Grossa and Redonda, in Icapuí, are amazing.

There are several destination options for those who never tire of discovering that, just like the winds, nature also blows in favor of this little piece of Ceará.


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