Ceará its cuisine and culture


Ceará its cuisine and culture are incredible and very rich in traditions.

Ceará's cuisine is very tasty, with a wide variety of seafood! It is known for its unique flavors and being part of the local history.


These typical dishes spread throughout Brazil and now you can taste them anywhere in the country. They are full of striking and super tasty spices, with influences from indigenous, Portuguese and African cuisine.


Eating is a great way to experience the culture and customs of the place you are visiting. If you like to discover everything about the destination while traveling, especially the cuisine, Ceará is the right place for you!

Ceará its cuisine and culture


  • Moqueca from Ceará

One of the most famous foods on the coast of Ceará, present in many restaurants and beach huts in the state.

The moqueca is known in several places in Brazil, but each place has its own particularities when it comes to preparing it. And in Ceará it is no different.

Cearense moqueca is one of the oldest typical foods in the region, made with common fish in the area, such as sea bass and boyfriend.

ceará cuisine and local culture
ceará cuisine and local culture
  • Sun-dried meat with baião de dois

Sun-dried meat is a popular dish in the Northeast and has its roots in Ceará.

The name is due to the preparation process, where the meat is salted and dehydrated in the sun. This allowed meat to be preserved for long journeys without spoiling.

Today, sun-dried meat is served as a steak, bait or shredded, with local butter, and usually accompanied by baião de dois, cassava and paçoca.

The combination of sun-dried meat and baião de dois is a tradition in Ceará and one of the most popular foods in the state.

The seasoning mix makes the dish even tastier!

  • Crab

Thursday is crab day! Not everyone knows, but Wednesday is feijoada day for many Brazilians. But, in Ceará, Thursday is crab day!

Accompanied by a hammer to break the paws, the dish is a hit on the region's beaches.

It is served whole, cooked or shredded with sauces, prepared with broth, coconut milk, tomatoes and vegetables, giving the dish a unique flavor.

  • Couscous Nordestino

And there's more, the typical snack of the region: Couscuz Nordestino!

When talking about couscous in Ceará, people are already excited, as it is a versatile food and can be prepared in several ways.

Pure or accompanied by cheese, sun-dried meat and eggs, couscous is one of the most famous and delicious in the region.


Ceará's culture is vast and diverse, with strong influences from Catholic traditions and sertanista folkloric manifestations.

Typical elements of northeastern culture are also present, such as maracatu, cordel literature, repente and religious festivals.

The June square dances and Carnival are the traditional festivals in the state.

Ceará is known for its tradition of producing comedians, filmmakers and visual artists.

The culture accumulated throughout history reflects the expression of the feelings of the population of Ceará, with religious manifestations having great importance for the daily life and values of local families.

Cultural life is intense and traditional, with folklore being a major attraction throughout the state.

ceará ulinary and local culture 1
ceará ulinary and local culture 1

Popular dances and festivities are the main forms of expression of the traditions and customs of the people, from the coast to the hinterland.

The folkloric manifestations have roots in the fusion of beliefs and customs of whites, blacks and Indians who inhabited the place.

The handicrafts of the state are represented by the making of lace, basketwork and other everyday items. The raft, the symbol of Ceará, is handcrafted and serves as a means of transport.

In sport, football is the most practiced, with nationally renowned teams.


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