10 cheap inns in Maragogi


10 cheap inns in Maragogi, the most desired destination on the Alagoas coast. Finding cheap accommodation in Maragogi is not difficult, however, it is important to pay attention to the quality of the inns.

Despite offering a simpler environment, it is possible to find suitable accommodation without having to spend a fortune.


It is important to note that prices vary according to the time of year, so it is essential to inform the date of the trip when quoting the daily rates.


In addition, it is recommended to check the type of accommodation, as there are rooms for different numbers of people.

It is also a good idea to look for inns that offer breakfast included in the rate, as the region is known for its beaches.

That way, you can enjoy the rides without worrying about eating until later.

10 cheap inns in Maragogi

Low season, which runs from April to mid-October, is good for a more budget rate, with breakfast included.

With luck and finding some promotion on booking search engines, you can find promotions. In high season (December to March), prices can increase by up to 50 percent.

In the New Year, for example, the value rises alarmingly. Remembering that the cost of transportation, tours and other meals may not be good for your budget at this time.

The 10 cheapest inns in Maragogi are listed for you in this article. Some are in the center. To stay in places close to the sand and famous, such as Praia de Antunes, the cost is always higher in any season.

1. Paula's Corner

It is one of the best known inns in the region. Good for family accommodation and a highlight is the good welcome to guests.

Regarding the services, it fulfills everything that is proposed. It is about two blocks from Praia Central de Maragogi, being a good location.

Cleanliness and conservation are other good attributes. In terms of facilities, the suites are located in a large, well-ventilated house. Rooms and beds are comfortable.

It's a good place for travelers who don't care for luxury and formal surroundings, who want to feel at home even when they're away.

2. Pousada Coco Verde

It is about 10 minutes from the center of Maragogi and is one of the most sought after inns among travelers looking for economy.

The facilities are more conventional, the inn is not small, but it has simple and comfortable rooms.

In addition, it offers breakfast and is praised for its cleanliness.

10 cheap inns in Maragogi 1
10 cheap inns in Maragogi 1

3. Pousada Maragolfinho

The highlight of this inn is breakfast, unforgettable for many. It has good service, good cleanliness and practical rooms.

It's a place where you feel your money was well spent. The suites have air conditioning and the inn also has a swimming pool.

Located close to the center, access is via a narrow dirt road. Indeed, it is not the best business card, but the benefits outweigh this difficulty.

4. Kanoas Inn

The facilities are relatively new and well maintained. The inn has everything you need to ensure a good stay.

It has an excellent location, good service, neat cleanliness and a great quality breakfast.

The suites are well distributed and comfortable. It is a good, beautiful and cheap inn, being a great option for your stay.

5. Maraga Beach Hostel

Despite being a hostel, it can be considered as an inn. Located in front of the sea and in a great part of the edge of Praia Central, Maraga Beach offers mixed, male and female shared dormitories and private rooms.

Its social area is organized, with a living room, shared kitchen and a beautiful terrace with panoramic views.

Breakfast is an all-you-can-eat buffet and includes many varieties without leaving anything to be desired for a five-star hotel.

The cleaning of all spaces is daily and the staff are attentive.

However, it is not an adapted place, as it has many stairs.

6. Sol Hostel & Pousada Maragogi

It is also a hostel that offers dormitories and private rooms, but even the private rooms do not have a private bathroom, being shared.

If this is not a problem, it is possible to enjoy the common area with a spacious backyard, a well-kept garden and a swimming pool.

It is a good choice for those who want to stay in a familiar and peaceful environment, but away from the center.

7. Pousada Barra Grande

Located away from the city center, it is recommended for those who want to stay in a quieter neighborhood.

Praia de Antunes is two kilometers away and is very beautiful. Those staying in Barra Grande can get by without difficulties, but cannot demand a wide range of establishments.

The inn looks like a beach house and the reception is an extra touch, because people feel good.

It is small, but values the good guest experience. The facilities are excellent, the environments are organized and the breakfast is delicious. Rates are satisfactory.

8. Pousada Ponta de Mangue

Another inn close to the paradisiacal Praia de Antunes offers the best value for money on the list.

The rooms are singles, suites for couples and shared rooms for up to five people.

The common area of the inn has a large garden, swimming pool, games room and a restaurant, which is great because there are not many options in the region.

9. Pousada Badejo

Located further away, which consequently makes accommodation prices more attractive.

Ideal for those with a car, it can be a good option to save money during the high season.

The inn has a romantic touch and is one of the best rated for a differentiated stay at a realistic price.

10 cheap inns in Maragogi
10 cheap inns in Maragogi

10. Pousada Olho D'água

It's not the cheapest option, but it's the right choice for those who want to stay in more comfort without compromising their budget.

It is located on the main street in the center of Maragogi, facing the sea, and has a structure compatible with hotels.

In its external area, it has a swimming pool, tables with umbrellas, sun loungers and environments with pergolas.

The suites are well-equipped, spacious and air-conditioned. The service and cleanliness are great, and the inn offers breakfast.

In addition, it offers free parking at a location nearby.

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