5 Typical Foods to Try Before You Die – Rib Roast and American Smoked


5 typical foods to try before you die – This is Bonus

Barbecued and Smoked American Prime Rib

Ever heard of the prime rib roast? It is a typical North American barbecue dish and is a true meat classic.


The smoked rib is the highlight of this dish, and it is prepared in a very special way, spending hours and hours in the fire until it is very soft and juicy. The result is an incredibly tasty meat that melts in your mouth and is a true gastronomic experience.


The roasted rib is a very popular dish in the United States, but it has gained more and more fans around the world. It is a great option for those who enjoy a good barbecue and want to try new flavors.

If you've never tried a roast rib, you're wasting your time, man! It's delicious and worth a try.

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