5 animals that have traveled to space – 5 – Turtle


5 animals that have traveled to space

5 – Turtle

Man, can you believe that the Soviet Union sent two turtles into space in 1968?! That's right, these little critters were sent in a capsule that orbited the moon! And the most incredible thing is that they managed to return to Earth alive.


The mission was intended to test the ability of living organisms to survive in extreme space environments. Turtles were chosen because they are resistant animals and can survive in adverse conditions.


During the mission, the turtles were in a controlled environment with enough food, water and oxygen to survive. Scientists monitored the animals' health and collected data on how space travel affected their bodies.

Ultimately, the mission was a success and the Turtles returned to Earth safely. The results of these studies have helped prepare astronauts for longer space missions and better understand how life can adapt in extreme environments.

Anyway, these little animals are super important for space science and have contributed to significant advances in space exploration.

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