Travel to Natal learn more about this holiday destination


Travel to Natal learn more about this holiday destination

Natal is known for having one of the most beautiful coastlines in Brazil with over 400km of beaches. In addition, it is considered the city with the cleanest air in South America. The liveliest beach is Ponta Negra, where people enjoy the sea, good food and a busy nightlife.


Natal is the perfect capital of the Northeast for those who enjoy a different adventure. Most other cities only offer trips to the beach, but in Natal each rolê has its own unique flavor. Plan your top trip using this top travel guide for Natal!


trip to christmas
trip to christmas

Natal is the coolest city in the Northeast to enjoy!
If you want to get more sun, travel between September and January.
And to make the most of the beach walks, travel with the full moon or new moon.

What is your hosting style? There are resorts on Via Costeira, luxury hotels on Av. Eng. Roberto Freire and hotels with a beach feel on the edge of Ponta Negra.

Travel to Natal learn more about this holiday destination

Try jinga with tapioca at Mercado da Redinha!
Choose a buggy ride safely without getting too excited.
Enjoy a natural swimming pool close to Camurupim beach.
Book in advance your trip to Parrachos de Perobas!

Be surprised by Galinhos!
Want to spend a few days just enjoying the beach? Share your trip with Pipa.
No other capital in the Northeast has rolês as diverse as Natal.

In Natal, in addition to enjoying the beach, you can take a bath in the lagoon, go up and down dunes on a buggy, take a ride on a dromedary, jump on the aerobutt, slide on the skibutt, snorkel in the parrachos, see the largest cashew tree in the world , and do many other rolês!

If you prefer to rest, there are luxury hotels in the city. It is not a city for walking. The edge of Ponta Negra is quiet at night and there are not many nice places to walk. But Uber works great, you won't have a problem going out to dinner.

When is the best time to travel to Natal?

Do you want to enjoy the sun in Natal for sure? Travel between September and January, the driest time of the year. It might even rain a little bit, but it won't disturb your trip. At this time, the temperature is usually between 20ºC and 30ºC. And it is far from the rainiest months, which are: June, April, May and July.

Wake up early to enjoy more!
The sun rises very early in Natal, around 5 am in summer. And it also sets very early, around 5 pm the beach is already without sun. So, tip is to wake up early so you don't waste time.

When is it cheapest to go to Natal?

Want to save on your trip to Natal? Going from March to November (less long holidays) is when prices are lowest. But keep an eye out, because from April to July is the rainiest season. An air ticket to Natal costs on average R$ 805.


If you want to travel to the Northeast, Natal is the city for you! It has accommodation options for all tastes, beach, lagoon, buggy rides, aerobut, snorkel, giant cashew tree, and much more. If you prefer rest, you can stay at a resort in the city, but if you want to go out for dinner, Uber is the solution. Want guaranteed sun? So go between September and January, the driest season. And if you want to save money, go outside the holiday and enjoy it earlier, as the sun rises early and sets early on the beach. The low season is between March and November, except holidays. But remember, April to July is rainier.

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