Tourism in Brotas – good reasons to do it


Tourism in Brotas, there are many reasons to choose a package for this destination if you are looking for a nice place in São Paulo. Then you have to meet Brotas! This city is amazing, it's in the interior of the state and it's the capital of adventure. There are loads of cool things to do outdoors, like waterfalls, trails and parks with activities for all ages.

The cool thing about Brotas is that it has super cool trail programs, first class accommodation, tours and everything you need to have fun without worrying. And best of all, it is a very remote place, far from the city and work, but with crystalline waters, cultural tours, farm hotels and even eco resorts.


So, if you want to get away from the stress of everyday life, but without spending too much and without getting complicated with long trips, Brotas is the perfect place for you. Then, you don't even remember that you're traveling in the interior of São Paulo!


Tourism in Brotas good reasons to visit

tourism in Brotas 1
tourism in Brotas 1

Nature is a ball show, right? It is an answer for everything, both for those who want to throw themselves into adventures and adrenaline and for those who want to relax. Couples can enjoy calm waters and incredible sounds, families and children can have fun with mini-rafting, tree climbing and everything you can find in a farm hotel. Those who want something new can jump on the superbike, rappel down the waterfall… in short, Brotas has everything.

And if you want to enjoy a romance, you can stay in a special chalet or inn for the couple. You can have fun with family, friends or your crush at the eco resort, which is famous for its incredible structure. And at night, enjoy the gastronomy, bars, pubs and local snacks. Brotas is a complete package, no mistake!

When doing tourism in Brotas, you need to include some tours in your itinerary so that your experience is complete. They are unmissable tours in the city.

Adventure Tourism

For those who like adrenaline and activities that are a little more radical, Brotas is the right place. To enjoy adventure, the region offers many options and varieties.

The city is incredible and was graced by God with rivers, waterfalls and beautiful nature. If you like excitement, Brotas is a must on your list. Rafting is the most famous sport, and thousands of people have already felt the adrenaline of going down the rapids on the Jacaré Pepira River. So, have you tried ziplining? It's one of the most exciting sports you'll find here. Just fly attached to a cable, gliding over beautiful landscapes of hills, without needing much effort. Come have fun in Brotas!

Tourism in Brotas is the enjoyment of an unforgettable adventure! With its fantastic natural landscape, crystalline rivers that flow into incredible waterfalls, exuberant nature, the city is one of the best destinations for those who love emotion and adventure.

Rafting is the most popular activity, with thousands of people experiencing the adrenaline of going down rapids on the Rio Jacaré Pepira. And the zip line is even more exciting, allowing you to fly attached to a cable, gliding over beautiful landscapes of hills, without needing much effort. Come have fun in Brotas!

tourism in Brotas
tourism in Brotas

Trekking is one of the most popular activities for tourists interested in ecotourism in Brotas. On this walk, you will walk along natural trails that lead to places of natural beauty, such as waterfalls and rivers. Accompanied by local guides, you will have the opportunity to discover the region's history, fauna and flora. If you love nature, beautiful landscapes and animals, like birds, Trekking in Brotas is a great option. Bring your family and camera to record the beauties of this incredible city, which is an open-air paradise.


Tourism in Brotas is ideal for those who love nature, beautiful landscapes and animals, such as birds. The city has a stunning natural setting, offering outdoor activities and the opportunity to have intimate contact with nature. It is a great option for family trips, providing an enriching and transforming experience.

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