Discover Maragogi a paradise in Alagoas


Meet Maragogi a paradise in Alagoas, allow me this privilege. It is a simply paradisiacal place and is a must for anyone visiting Alagoas.

The worst thing, when we plan a trip to the beach, is the weather not cooperating.


It is important to plan vacations in the North and Northeast regions, always considering the weather and knowing the tide tables in the place you are going to visit.


In addition, it is essential to research how many people tend to frequent the place, to make sure that you will feel comfortable. This can be checked according to the time of year (high or low season).

Undoubtedly, the visit is recommended in the months between spring and summer. During this period, the sun shines a lot and temperatures are more stable, which is great for enjoying the beach. This way it allows you to get to know Maragogi and enjoy everything the city has to offer.

meet Maragogi 1
meet Maragogi 1

Discover Maragogi at recommended times

So, there's one more important thing you need to know about Maragogi. Between April and August, the region tends to have a lot of rain and this can negatively affect your trip, especially the color of the water, which tends to become more cloudy and difficult to see.

If you intend to dive, it is important to take this into account. If you're looking for tranquility, it's best to avoid visiting the beach in December, January and February, which are vacation months and high season.

At this time, the beach is usually crowded, the tours are disputed and the prices of hotels, inns and resorts tend to be higher.

The low season, which runs from September to November, is ideal for those looking for peace and quieter walks with fewer people.

And another important tip: before taking any tour, especially those involving galleys and natural pools, check the tides to be sure of the time when the water will rise.

Do not continue on the tour if the tide is rising, or if you notice any change in weather.

What to do in Maragogi

Maragogi is a small and welcoming city, where the highlight is the beach.
Don't expect to find many tourist attractions or hectic programs there, the idea is to relax and enjoy the tranquility of the region.

Therefore, if you are looking for a trip to rest and enjoy the sea, Maragogi is the perfect place for you!

Maragogi Beaches

The beaches in Maragogi are very different depending on when you visit. The greenish color, like the Caribbean, is usually a strong mark of the place, but the beaches are very different between low tide and high tide. In any case, they are beautiful.

Depending on the season you visit the city, they have a different look.

When the tide is low, the most agitated water in the sea moves away from the edge, and stretches of natural pools form or areas of sand appear, between one strip of water and another.

This creates incredible sandbanks and natural pools. And the sea itself, with its greenish colors, really looks like a Caribbean!

This phenomenon is linked to the phases of the moon. Low tide at Full Moon and New Moon.

The main beaches in Maragogi are Barra Grande, Caminho de Moisés, Praia de Antunes, Japaratinga and São Miguel dos Milagres.

At high tide, the sea comes to the edge, its waters are deeper, ideal for diving.

meet Maragogi
meet Maragogi

Catamaran Tour

Be sure to take the catamaran ride to the natural pools. Just remember to confirm the time the day before.
Boarding will be at the support point, which has a restaurant. Navigation will be about 4 km and there will be a stop for a swim in the natural pools formed at low tide.
If you want to spend the day at the support point, there will be an additional cost for day use, which is not included in the price.

Buggy's ride

The buggy ride is a very popular activity and you can go along the length of the coast, going in both directions to the south coast and the north coast.

To the south, you will see the beaches of Maragogi, São Bento, Paripueira and Japaratinga, a coastal town with beautiful beaches, in addition to passing by the Manguaba River. There, it is possible to visit the Peixe-Boi project, and follow how and what care is provided to this animal, listed as endangered.

If you choose to go towards the North coast, you can visit Praia de Barra Grande, Praia do Caminho de Moisés, Praia de Antunes and São Miguel dos Milagres, which are very beautiful beaches and sought after by tourists.
The buggy ride is a good option for those who want to explore the beaches and can be customized.

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