Main tourist points of Curitiba


Main tourist points of Curitiba, the city is a show for those who come to visit. The cool places are so close, like a maximum of 8km from the Center, along with the Batel neighborhood, which has a lot of hotels for people to stay.

Now, check it out, you have to keep an eye on the weather forecast because it can rain or shine at the same time, but that doesn't mean that you don't get discouraged from going to the Historic Center, strolling through the parks, checking out some museums and visiting some memorials of the immigrants who helped the city grow.


If you don't have time or don't feel like planning your trip, the stop is to take the Linha Turismo bus to take a tour of the tourist attractions of Curitiba.


The bus is top, has two floors and makes a complete route with 24 stops, like Botanical Garden, Barigui Park and Historic Center.

The price is massive, only 40 contos, and you can go down to 4 times to enjoy each place. Buses run every half hour, so it's good to get organized.

Then, the stop is to choose the places that connect you the most and go for the ride. If you don't know, take the bus several days in a row to see everything. Here you can find all the stops on the Curitiba Tourism Line and some cool itineraries.

Main sights in Curitiba 2
Main sights in Curitiba 2

Main tourist attractions in Curitiba – Linha Turismo

Linha Turismo is great to see Curitiba, but check it out, there are other options, you know? If the weather is good, you can walk through the streets, use public transport, which is very efficient, or even take a taxi, which is not expensive, since the places are not so far away.

There's still a bike option and guided tours, right? So, if you want to get to know the city without the Linha Turismo, without stress, there are other cool options. Here are more tips on tours and transport.

The Historic Center of Curitiba

Mano, to start getting to know Curitiba, a good idea is to go to the Historic Center. This region preserves what happened in past centuries, when the city was just the small village of Nossa Senhora da Luz dos Pinhais.

Walking through the cobbled streets, you can stop by the Igreja da Ordem Terceira de São Francisco de Chagas, the first church in the city, which houses the Museum of Sacred Art. There is also the Church of Nossa Senhora do Rosário de São Benedito, which was built for slaves.

And to enjoy the restored historical architectural works, there is Casa Romário Martins, Solar do Barão, Casa Vermelha, Paço da Liberdade (which today is a cultural space of SESC) and Palácio Giuseppe Garibaldi, which was where the Italians met .

Largo da Ordem is where Curitiba started and is a good place to understand how the city grew and start exploring it.

The Oscar Niemeyer Museum

Man, check out how cool: museums also help to understand more about Curitiba. Like, the Paranaense Museum has some old objects, photos and scenarios that show how the development of the State of Paraná took place. The Railway Museum, with a historical footprint, talks about the means of transport that still attracts tourists to the city of Morretes, in Serra do Mar.

And if it's art you want, the Oscar Niemeyer Museum (called MOM) is the most popular and has the best collection. That's it, you can enjoy and learn a lot with the museums in Curitiba. Main tourist points of Curitiba.

The Oscar Niemeyer Museum, also called the Eye Museum by the locals, is a pretty crazy ride. It has a lot of angry works, including pieces that were seized by Operation Lava Jato.

There are works by renowned artists on display there, including: Andy Warhol, Tarsila do Amaral, Candido Portinari, Caribé, Tomie Ohtake and Oscar Niemeyer himself. And look, the architecture of the building is as top-notch as the works inside. The museum is too much mass, worth the visit!

The Barigui Park

For those who enjoy art, you can also stop by the Museu de Arte Contemporânea do Paraná, the MAC (it's smaller than the MOM, but it has cool stuff too).

And to close the ride, go to the Museu do Holocausto de Curitiba, which has photos and old objects that show the suffering of Jews and other peoples during World War II. It's heavy, but important to understand what happened.

Man, Curitiba is known as the green city and is a call for those who enjoy walking in parks and woods. It has more than 30 cool options for those who like to stay outdoors and enjoy nature.

The parks were created to help prevent flooding in the city and give people more leisure options, but ended up becoming the city's hallmark.

Ah, you can't leave here without seeing the glass greenhouse at the Botanical Garden, the capybaras at Barigui Park and the sunset at Tanguá Park, man. And if you just want to relax, go to Parque São Lourenço!

If you want to combine nature with history, go to Bosque Papa João Paulo II, Bosque Alemão, Parque Tingui or Passeio Público.

These parks, in addition to being very cool, have memorials and tributes to Polish, German, Arab and Ukrainian immigrants.

And if you want to see a great show in a cool place, get a ticket to Ópera de Arame or Pedreira Leminski. There the show is not just the presentation, the landscape is awesome too!

The Street of Flowers

To experience Curitiba intensely, take a stroll through the streets and markets that locals love the most. To begin with, head to Rua das Flores (also known as Rua XV de Novembro), which is very busy, but you can relax in one of the cafes or bars that have tables on the sidewalk.

And at the end of the year, there's even a Christmas Choir at Palácio Avenida, it's really cool!

Mano, after strolling Rua das Flores, head to Rua 24 Horas and see the little shops. To eat some food, head to the Municipal Market or the Italian neighborhood of Santa Felicidade.

And on Sundays, don't forget to go to the Feirinha do Largo da Ordem, there's something cool to take home as a souvenir from Curitiba. And to close the tour, see the whole city from above in the Panoramic Tower.

The Ukrainian Memorial

Man, check it out, the Ukrainian Memorial, which is part of Parque Tingui, was built to honor the centenary of Ukrainian immigration in Curitiba. Back in 1891, eight families from Ukraine arrived here and it was the beginning of an immigration process that brought more than 45,000 people from that country to Curitiba. The memorial is very cool and worth the visit!

The memorial has some crazy little houses built in the Byzantine style, which is typical architecture in Ukraine. The replica of the Church of São Miguel is very cool, it was originally built in the Serra do Tigre.

And inside, there's even an exhibition of pysankas, which are colorful hand-painted eggs that are part of Ukrainian culture. And outside, there's a giant sculpture that references that tradition.

The memorial is really cool, it's worth a visit!

The space is surrounded by a lot of greenery and there are some trees that look like something from a fairy tale, you know? It is a top place to have a picnic or just relax enjoying nature.

During the year, there are typical Ukrainian festivals there and you can buy handicrafts. There is also a snack bar that sells a few things for those who are visiting. It's all very angry!

Main tourist points of Curitiba conclusion:

Man, Curitiba is a very cool city for those who want to enjoy nature, history, art and good rolês. There are more than 30 cool parks to go around and see a lot of beautiful things, such as the glass greenhouse in the Botanical Garden, the capybaras in Barigui Park and the sunset in Tanguá Park.

It also has many museums and cultural spaces that tell a little of the city's history, such as the Oscar Niemeyer Museum and the Ukrainian Memorial.

For those who like a more urban ride, head to Rua das Flores, Rua 24 Horas and Mercado Municipal, which are really nice places with delicious food and nice shops.

It has typical festivals and craft fairs throughout the year. Anyway, Curitiba is a city with many options and everything is very cool!

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