How to travel to Florianópolis on a budget


How to travel to Florianópolis on a budget

Have you ever been curious to know how much you will spend in Floripa during a trip? To answer, you have to take into account whether you are going there in high or low season, as this can greatly influence the final price of your trip.


How to travel to Florianópolis on a budget
How to travel to Florianópolis on a budget

In this post you will find updated average values of expenses on a trip to the capital of Santa Catarina. You will know how much you need to invest in lodging, food and entertainment. Even though there is a lot of rain during this period, it is still hot and considered high season, from December to March.


If you've made it this far, you should know that Floripa is a popular destination for tourists who want to visit the south of Brazil. It has beautiful beaches and great tour options.

This article will put an end to doubts about how much it costs to travel there, where to go on vacation and more. Keep reading until the end and happy reading!

A 5-day trip to Florianopolis costs around 2500 reais for two people. This includes insurance, airfare, hotel, food, transportation and entertainment.

5 days should be enough to see the main sights of the city. And this price is valid for trips in the high season (December to March). If it's another month, you'll spend less.
If you choose to travel outside the summer, check the availability of the tours, as some only operate in the high season.

But if you want to know How to travel to Florianópolis on a budget, we will help you throughout this article, so stay until the end!

Choose Hostels for accommodation

Hostels are an alternative to hotels and inns. They are like hostels, where guests socialize and can rent a bed or bunk bed in a shared room with bathroom, laundry and sometimes kitchen. Prices are super affordable (you can find hostels for around 50 reais a day), so it's a good choice for those who need to save money on their trip.

Take Local Public Transport – How to travel to Florianópolis on a budget

Floripa has a really good public transport system: it has a central terminal in the center of the city and, paying just one ticket, you can go to any beach on the island. I suggest you get a tourist integration card. Just go to SETUF, which is next to the central terminal, get a password and request it. No fuss, it's ready on time.

Hey, the bus isn't as fast as a big car, but if you're looking to save money, that's fine, right?

Rent a house for the season with friends

A cheap accommodation option is to stay in vacation homes. You can find it for approximately R$ 250 per day and they usually accommodate a lot of people. Invite your friends to share a house like this and it's super cheap for each one!

What is the cheapest month to travel to Florianopolis?

Who here wants to know the cheapest month to travel to Floripa? So, the secret is to choose the right time to go. Outside the high season, the city is much more affordable, with more friendly prices for accommodation and tours.

But if you really want to know which month is the cheapest, we can tell you that it's between April and November. At that time, prices are lower and you still have the chance to enjoy the city without the hustle and bustle of high season. So, will this be the moment of your trip to Floripa?

How many days are enough to visit Florianópolis?

So, are you excited to meet the beautiful Floripa? But the question is: how many days are you going to stay there? Well, the answer depends a lot on your travel style and what you want to see in the city. But, in general, 5 days is enough time to see the main sights and enjoy some beaches.

You can start at Ilha de Santa Catarina, pass by Morro das Pedras and the Historic Center, and, of course, don't forget to enjoy the most famous beaches, such as Joaquina and Praia Mole. If you have time, you can also hike to the Mirante do Morro da Lagoa da Conceição.

But if you are the type of traveler who enjoys getting to know the city at a leisurely pace, the ideal is to stay a week or more. This way, you have time to enjoy each place more calmly and even include some out-of-town tours. Anyway, Floripa is an amazing city and worth the visit!

What to know before going to Florianópolis?

Before traveling to Florianópolis, there are some things you need to know. First, remember that the city is known for its incredible beaches, so get ready to enjoy the sun and the sea.

Secondly, Floripa has a cool public transport system, but if you want more freedom, you can rent a car or use transport apps.

And last but not least, the city is very popular with tourists, so plan your trip in advance, especially if it's high season. Book your hotel, buy your tickets, and choose the tours you want to do. That way, you guarantee a peaceful trip full of adventures in Florianópolis!

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