Discover the Xingó Canyon


Discover the Cânion do Xingó, a place located in the northeastern hinterland, between Sergipe and Alagoas, it is proof that the Northeast of Brazil has much more to offer than just its incredible beaches and delicious food. 

The Canyon, on the São Francisco River, is a true hidden treasure and an incredible adventure. You can take a catamaran ride on the green waters and admire the orange rock walls. 


A unique view from the navigation inside the rocks, which is worth seeing.


Discover the Xingó Canyon

The Delta of the São Francisco River is worth a specific visit for its history and regional tradition. But here we are only going to talk about it because our destination is within the waters of the São Francisco River.

It was discovered by Amerigo Vespucci on October 4, 1501, which is also the day of Saint Francis of Assisi. Therefore, he received this name in honor of the saint.

The São Francisco River is gigantic, starting in Minas Gerais and passing through Bahia, Pernambuco, Sergipe and Alagoas before flowing into the Atlantic Ocean. And it is precisely on the border between Alagoas and Sergipe that the incredible Xingó Canyon is found.

Xingó canyon 1
Xingó canyon 1

The Xingó Canyon

Who would have thought that the highlight of this text would only exist since 1994, after the construction of the Xingó Hydroelectric Power Plant. 

For the construction of the Xingó Hydroelectric Plant, it was necessary to dam part of the São Francisco River. Thus, the new volume of water made the region navigable and it was possible, little by little, to discover the charms of the Canyons. 

Before that, the area, which is now a popular tourist destination, was just a small crevice between two nearby mountains. 

In the past, the river that existed in the canyon, called Rio Canindé, was almost a dry bed, with sparse vegetation, already with the characteristic of caatinga. The city of Canindé is on the Sergiopano side of the Canyon.

The Xingó River is one of the many branches of the São Francisco River in the Alagoas region. 

With the construction of the dam, the São Francisco River increased its size by 3 times, retaining its water and flooding the surrounding areas. And it is precisely one of these areas that is known today as Cânion do Xingó.

How to get to Xingó Canyon

If you are coming from Aracaju, the journey is made by bus to the Xingó Canyon, requiring a 6-hour trip, round trip.

In addition, you will need to include time for the catamaran ride, a stop for swimming and canoeing, and time for lunch.

If you're coming from Maceió, be prepared for a longer journey, around 4 hours by bus to the base city of Piranhas. This route will leave you on the opposite side of the Canyon, as it is the border between Alagoas and Sergipe.

Regardless of the city of origin, you will need to arrive at Canindé de São Francisco, in Sergipe, or the city of Piranhas, in Alagoas, to start the catamaran trip to the Xingó Canyon. 

It is optional to spend a night in these base cities to rest during the trip, but it is recommended due to the return route.

Xingó canyon
Xingó canyon

The tour to the Xingó Canyon

The catamaran ride along the Xingó Canyon is the main attraction in the region. The route starts in the base cities of Canindé de São Francisco or Piranhas and takes about an hour to reach the canyon. 

The trip includes navigation along the rocky walls of the São Francisco River, and the possibility of diving in the large natural pool. 

To get to the Canyon, a water transfer is required, where the person leaves the Catamaran and goes to a smaller boat, which will travel and navigate in the narrowest part of the canyon, known as “hewn paradise”, with an additional cost per person. 

Of course, this new tour is considered the most beautiful part.  

Both routes last an hour on average. After that, it is possible to swim in the natural pools on the coast and prepare for lunch. 

From there, they return to hotels or capital cities. The catamaran trip is not included in the price of the bus transfer and it is recommended to book in advance due to high demand.

The Xingó Canyon is a unique rock formation in the middle of the São Francisco River, and anyone who goes to Alagoas, strolling through the city of Maceió, needs to know. 

Although this access can also be made through the State of Sergipe, where the trip is even shorter.

In any case, it is a must for visitors to Alagoas. An unforgettable experience!

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