Discover Formosa and its ecotourism


Get to know Formosa and its ecotourism, famous for its rocky structures and the typical vegetation of the serrado, this city breathes ecotourism.

Located in Goiás, it is a desired destination for tourists looking for adventure.


It offers a wide variety of natural beauties of the Brazilian cerrado, including waterfalls, fountains, wells and caves.


These places can be visited with a guide, allowing trails, abseiling and diving.

Located approximately 110 km from Brasília and 280 km from Goiânia, Formosa is known as one of the sources of water in the Brazilian cerrado.

To get to the city from Brasília, just take the BR-20 Highway, providing a direct trip.

As a true gem of ecotourism in Goiás, Formosa offers a wide variety of tourist attractions to be enjoyed.

While the city is geared almost exclusively towards eco-tourism, there aren't many options for nightlife seekers.

However, experiencing the local cuisine is a great way to relax after an adventure in the lush nature of the city.

For this, you can visit the various restaurants around the city, all with delicious options for visitors.

Discover Formosa and its ecotourism

get to know Formosa 2
get to know Formosa 2

Some of the top tourist attractions in Formosa include:

Salto do Itiquira

Get to know Formosa and its main attractions. Salto do Itiquira is the most popular attraction there, being the seventh highest waterfall in Brazil, with approximately 168 meters high.

Although bathing is not allowed in the main fall due to safety, there are small waterfalls that can be used for bathing.

Araras Hole

This is a beautiful place that serves as a shelter for birds, as the name implies. The visit is made with a guide and the main attraction is a crater 1 km in diameter and 95 meters deep.

It is possible to rappel down and see macaws flying over the hole.

blue well

Located in the District of Bezerra, far from the center of Formosa, Poço Azul is a lagoon with crystalline blue waters that is perfect for bathing and diving.

It is a popular attraction for couples, due to its romantic setting and the possibility to see the local marine life.

Indaia Waterfall

With easy access through a trail of about 1 km, Cachoeira do Indaiá is a great option for those looking for a quiet place to relax.

It has a 15 meter high waterfall and a natural swimming pool.

In addition, it is located near other waterfalls in Formosa, such as Véu da Noiva and Salto do Itiquira.

get to know Formosa 1
get to know Formosa 1

Hole of the Swallows

Buraco das Andorinhas is a 200 meter deep cave and one of the most famous adventures in Formosa.

To get there, it is necessary to go through a trail that is difficult to access, due to its steep terrain.

Once at Buraco, you can rappel and be enchanted by the beautiful lagoon with crystalline waters.

Poços Verdes

Located in the Archaeological Site of Bisnau, the Poços Verdes consist of two small lakes with greenish waters, Poço Libriana Lua and Poço da Lontra.

In addition to the beautiful scenery, it is possible to swim, cool off and enjoy the natural hydromassages in the small falls that form the wells.

Bisnau Waterfall

This is a popular attraction in the Formosa region and is located within the Bisnau Archaeological Site. The waterfall has a waterfall of about 88 meters high, which makes it perfect for rappelling.

In addition, the waters are refreshing and have a beautiful blue-green color. This tour has a cost.

Toca da Onça Archaeological Site

This site is located in a private reserve close to the city center and it is possible to find rare limestone rock formations, as well as impressive cave paintings that are estimated to be around 4500 years old.

It is necessary to book in advance to visit the site, which is located in a private reserve.

Ugly Lagoon

This place is the most peaceful in Formosa and is ideal for those who want to practice water sports.

At Lagoa Feia, close to the city center and about 100 meters deep, many people practice canoeing, stand up paddle and fishing.

It is also possible to rent a jet ski, pedal boat and hire a speedboat ride. Prices vary for each sport, but it is possible to find vendors in the region.

Escaroba cave

The Cave is a lesser known attraction, but it has a really incredible scenery. This cave is quite narrow, but is accessible by rappelling through a skylight. Obviously it's a guided tour.

Inside, visitors will find incredible rock formations and a small, impressive waterfall that makes the place even more beautiful.


Located at Fazenda Bocaina, the space is one of the best ecotourism experiences that a visitor can find in Formosa.

Occupying a forest area of around 600 hectares, the site is very well preserved and has many river sources along its length. If you intend to travel, get to know Formosa and this place of ecotourism. It's fantastic!

In addition, there are several trails that cross the farm, all with incredible views of the rich nature of the region, such as the Paranã Valley, with high walls, wells and waterfalls.

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