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The City of Torres is famous for being the stage of the International Ballooning Festival, the destination has local pilots and many balloons, which keeps the sport alive in the municipality throughout the year.

The tour lasts around 40 minutes, but it depends a lot on the wind and the day. Even so, this destination is certainly on the list of unforgettable trips that you must take among so many tourist places in Brazil.


city of towers

Torres City is located in the coastal region of Rio Grande do Sul, and is known for its stunning beaches, which feature basalt cliffs as their main attraction.


City of Towers 2
City of Towers 2

This city is considered to have the most beautiful beaches in the state, thanks to its unique landforms, such as mountains, cliffs, rivers and coves that form spectacular landscapes.

The city got its name from the imposing cliffs that rise next to the sea. There are four mountains located between the beaches, two on Guarita beach, Morro do Meio, which is the biggest of all, and Morro do Farol.

The scenery on the beaches of Torres in Rio Grande do Sul is incomparable, there being no other beach on the Brazilian coast with basalt cliffs in such formations.

During the summer, the beaches of the City of Torres attract a large public, made up of young people, couples and families.

Praia da Guarita is popular with surfers, due to the rough sea, while Praia da Cal is frequented by families. Since you want more entertainment on the tour, choose Praia Grande.

What to eat in Torres City

The edge of the Mampituba River is known for being the main gastronomic center of the city, with many of the best fish restaurants and steakhouses.

Some of the highlights include Cantinho do Pescador, Galeteria do Regis and Ballon Pizzaria. Another area with many restaurants is Rua José Bonifácio, close to the bus station, and also in the center and on Praia Grande.

Tourist points in the City of Torres

The main attractions in Torres are its beaches and spectacular cliffs. In addition, Parque da Guarita is a great option for walking and admiring the natural landscapes. The edge of the Mampituba River is also a highlight, with many bars and restaurants creating an enchanting scene.

- Praia da Cal

Praia da Cal, located between Morro do Farol and Morro das Furnas, is about 800 meters long and is very popular during the high season. It attracts tourists who want to relax, swim and energize.

Most visitors are surfers who take the opportunity to train. The beach has spaces for sports at Praça Nossa Senhora dos Navegantes.

city of towers3
city of towers3

It is called Praia da Cal due to the shell and shellfish roasting ovens, taken from middens, which existed there until 1940 for the manufacture of mineral lime.

Praia da Cal allows access to Parque da Guarita.

-Guarita Park

Guarita State Park is one of the main attractions in Torres, being a city conservation unit.

The park has paved access, parking, snack bar and stairs to climb the hills. Inside the park, Praia da Guarita, Torre Sul and Torre do Meio are places that cannot be missed.

The South Tower has a beautiful view of Praia da Guarita, Praia de Itapeva, Morro do Meio, the dunes and the city.

Torre do Meio, also known as Morro das Furnas, is huge at 800 meters long and the trail crosses the plateau, making a great walking option.

There are stairs that give access to the caves, where the sea enters caves, but some stairs are quite steep and the sea can be dangerous in some places, especially during high tide. Be careful when going down!

We hope you enjoyed learning about the city of Torres, in Rio Grande do Sul. Throughout the state there are several important tourist attractions on the national scene. That's why we'll be back soon bringing more about Rio Grande do Sul.

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