Goiás Cuisine and local culture


In Goiás Culinary and local culture are based on the miscegenation of the people who migrated to the region, creating a diversified cuisine and culture.

Thus, it presents great diversity in cuisine, accents, customs, typical foods and music.


They are mainly Northeasterners, Goiás, Minas Gerais and São Paulo, responsible for the cultural characterization of the State.


The population is very diverse, with people from all over Brazil. A mixture of Minas Gerais and São Paulo influences, and also carries traces of indigenous cuisine.

The cuisine is very varied, with influences from different regional and international cuisines.

This makes the culture of the region of Goiás super eclectic, known for its music, theater, dance and literature festivals, in addition to its architecture and urban art.

goiás cuisine and culture 1
goiás cuisine and culture 1

Goiás Cuisine and local culture


Goian cuisine is an example of the richness and diversity of the state's culture, with traditional dishes such as rice with pequi and goiano empadão, which are known and appreciated by many.

Goiana food has that taste of homemade food made with care, as if your mother or grandmother had made it for you. What differentiates it from the others is that it has seasonings and ingredients typical of the cerrado. It's as if they add a special and authentic touch to the recipes, always with an indigenous touch.

The food in Goiânia has many typical and delicious dishes, such as rice with pequi, casserole from Goiás, chicken, cheese biscuits and pamonha.

In addition, Goiás cuisine has many customs and creative dishes, such as fish on the tile, panelinha, mané pelado, baru nuts, chica doida and ice cream and popsicles made from fruits of the cerrado.

It's impossible not to fall in love!


The culture of Goiás is really rich and diverse, which reflects the history of the state and its privileged geographic location. The exchange of cultures with other regions of the country and the influence of Portuguese colonization gave rise to a wide variety of traditions, including dances, festivals, religious cults, handicrafts and cuisine.

In addition, Goiás crafts and customs are other examples of the state's cultural richness, such as the mutirão of the spinners and the ritual of songs.

Music is also an important part of Goiás culture and present in the lives of its people, with country music being the strongest tradition.

Festivities and celebrations are also an important element of Goiás culture. The Feast of São João is an example. A great celebration, with people gathering to dance, eat and enjoy life.

It is important to preserve and value this cultural richness in order to perpetuate the heritage of past generations and continue to cultivate and develop Goiás culture for future generations.

In summary, the culture of Goiás is super diverse, with influences from all over Brazil and many customs and traditions unique to the region. Food and music are two important things, parties and celebrations are always a good reason to get to know the state.

Typical foods


Rice with pequi: it's as basic as rice and beans. The fruit, typical of the cerrado region, is very present in Goiás cuisine and is made with lard or vegetable fat, rice and natural or preserved pequi. The restaurants Fogão Caipira and Chão Nativo are great options to eat this dish.

goiás cuisine and culturegoiás cuisine and culture

Galinhada: is made with free-range chicken and well-seasoned rice, and can include pequi, chives and more. Here, the chicken is called “soup soup” and has to be served well, with the chicken bone. It is a typical party recipe and is consumed before or after alcoholic beverages.

Pamonha: it's something so serious in Goiânia that there's even a contest to choose the best pamonhas. Here, the tamale varies a lot, it can be sweet or salty, boiled, fried or roasted, seasoned or stuffed. But the fact is that the goiana pamonha is one of the greatest culinary traditions in the city.

Cheese biscuit: it's simple, cheap and easy to make. It is similar to Minas Gerais cheese bread, but has a different shape and a measure of sweet sprinkles. It is an artisan delight that goes well with breakfast or afternoon.

These are just some of the typical dishes and ingredients from Goiânia! There are many more out there, each one tastier than the other.

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