Carnival safely in Salvador


Carnival safely in Salvador see ways to enjoy one of the biggest popular festivals in the country and the world, without having a headache.

Enjoying Carnival in Bahia is an experience that needs to be experienced by everyone who enjoys the party.


In Salvador, Carnival is sacred: the people of Bahia prepare all year round for the party that brings together millions of revelers from different parts of the country and the world.


But with so many people on the streets, you need to take certain precautions so that you don't get a headache and put an end to your revelry.

There is no shortage of attractions at the party, but there is also no shortage of situations where there may be confusion and you get into dangerous situations.

In order for everything to go as smoothly as possible, it is necessary to know the dangers, so as not to fall into a trap.

carnival safely
carnival safely

Carnival safely in Salvador

Unfortunately, revelry in the capital of Bahia is very dangerous. Thieves are aggressive and try to walk in groups, blending into the crowd so they cannot be identified.

The risk of being stolen is very high, especially cell phones and visible accessories.

There are rare cases of beatings to carry out theft, especially among women. But everyone can be targets.

"Silly hands" are always in action and, when you least realize it, they have already gone through your pockets. But not just for them.

Many women are targets of sexual harassment in the streets and effective sexual violence can occur. Unfortunately not everyone on the streets is there just to have fun.

It is recommended not to take valuables, documents or wallets. Gather your essentials in zippered or hook-and-loop pockets, or wear hard-to-open backpacks.

Consider these tips to enjoy Carnival safely and prevent yourself:

– Use public transport or Uber to go to the circuits. Parking options are minimal and expensive. Also, on the streets there are very spiteful car guards, so best avoided.

– Avoid walking alone in any situation, but especially in isolated streets, if you are a woman this tip is essential.

– Safely store valuables, such as cell phones and identification documents. Avoid wearing jewelry, keep documents, cell phones and money in a dollar holder in shorts or shorts and avoid entering streets that are not the main ones.

– Keep an eye on the kids! The ideal is to identify them with identification bracelets or name tags.

– Have handy telephone numbers:

  • Firefighters – 193
  • Military Police – 190
  • Samu – 192
  • Child Violence – 100

Stay alert on the streets in situations of fights

As well as thefts, violence is one of the most negative aspects of Carnival in Salvador. These are common and unfortunately routine situations in the Bahian carnival.

A lot of people go out at night willing to fight and when you least expect it, a flash in the middle of the crowd opens and the fight happens. These are situations that people can hardly understand how they started and much less how they will end.

If this happens, try to quickly move away from the place, but without panic. Always stay smart and stay away from these people. Enjoy Carnival safely.

To make matters worse, the police are also violent, armed with clubs that are used at the slightest sign of disturbance. The reason is that they are always outnumbered by the crowd.

carnival safely 1
carnival safely 1

Public service at the event

The city hall normally provides staff from teams that take care of different sectors during the party, along all the circuits. This measure is for the public to enjoy Carnival safely.

Medicine – there are 24-hour assistance modules in the official party circuits, which have beds for treating clinically unstable patients. Emergency surgery teams, among others, such as administrative and operational.

Social service – very active at the party, distributes condoms free of charge, responds to incidents and forwards the most serious cases to the appropriate sector. Focus is given to situations of sexual discrimination among many others.

policing agents – agents of the municipal civil guard and military police monitor and support various public bodies in inspection and ordering actions, carrying out preventive patrol activities, identifying children, among others.

Life Guard Service – Lifeguards are available who stay on the beaches in the stretch between Jardim de Alah and Ipitanga and usually full-time.


A visit to Salvador's carnival must be part of your life plans! Enjoying Carnival in Salvador is a lot of fun, it's worth it and offers you days of fun.

To successfully pass the period, it is important to know the main dangers that may arise, the service options offered and what to do if a problem arises.

In addition, it is leafing, taking care of health and safety to guarantee an incredible and unforgettable party. Good fun!

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