Carnival in Salvador a beginner's guide


Carnival in Salvador is known around the world for its vibrant energy, contagious joy with music, baianity, culture and animation.

If you're a first-time reveler, it can be difficult to find your way around town during the party. To help you enjoy the best of Carnival in Salvador, we have prepared some tips.


The party lasts for about 6 to 8 days, with pre-carnival parties starting two days earlier.


During the day, try to follow one or two blocks to enjoy the circuits and at night a cabin is always good. Vary these options on other days, enjoying them like popcorn, without spending too much.

It all depends on your energy and how much you want to spend. Make a schedule and buy the abadá, the cabin ticket in advance.

It is also ideal that you choose your accommodation in advance, whether at a friend's house or in a rented hotel or property. You will definitely need to rest.

carnival in Salvador
carnival in Salvador

The city receives millions of visitors during Carnival, so it is important to book your accommodation, as at the last minute it can be difficult and much more expensive.

Carnival in Salvador how to enjoy

To celebrate the two main circuits: dodo (Barra/Ondine) and osmar (Large field). The Dodô is the most traditional circuit, with 4.5 km of extension and a cabin structure. Osmar is the oldest circuit, with a 4 km route in the center of Salvador.

Find out where the artists you want to see at Carnival are and organize your schedule so you don't miss a show. Some performances happening at the same time on both circuits.

Learn the difference between abadá, block, cabin and Popcorn Folião, you will see that this is important.

Another very popular thing is the abadá, the shirt that gives access to the block or cabin on a given day and is similar to a ticket.

The block is a community of revelers who parade together during Carnival.

The box is a VIP area with a better structure and the Popcorn Reveler is part of the party and are the revelers without a box, who mix with the crowd.

Beginners guide not to get lost

Doing everything in advance is recommended, but if you decide now, you can still organize a good carnival in Salvador.

In the 3 main circuits: Dodô (Barra/Ondina), Osmar (Campo Grande) and Batatinha (Pelourinho) the big street parties take place and the revelers walk along with the electric trio or can enjoy standing still, waiting for others to pass by.

Large field (Osmar) is the more traditional circuit, it's about 4km long and a little narrow. The city hall puts bleachers at an affordable price for tourists to enjoy.

Pelourinho (Potato) It's a very alternative circuit. There are no electric trios, but people enjoy the sound of fanfares, marches and small blocks. It's a very different experience!

The Barra/Ondina circuit (Dodô) is the most famous and touristic, it is about 4.5 km long and the electric trios start playing near Farol da Barra and go to Ondina. This circuit is wider and has the best boxes and the top blocks and bands (in Campo Grande there are also great artists, but with a lower frequency).

Those who are going to enjoy it like popcorn (without a block or a cabin) or who are going to go out in blocks and then want to continue on the street, it is recommended to stay in Ondina. It is the widest part of the route, there is room for everyone and, as it has good cabins, artists stop and play many songs there.

Cabins for those who want comfort and more security to party

The cabins in Salvador are for those who want more comfort and can't stand jumping and dancing 4.5km in a block.

Good research is important as there are varieties in prices and services offered.

Some have an open bar (drinks included) and others all inclusive (drinks and food included). These top cabins have a good infrastructure: good restaurants, nightclub, show with great bands, bars with good drinks, masseuse, cinema, beauty salon, place to customize the abadá, among other services. The price is a little steep, but you can pay in installments and the experience is incomparable.

The more traditional ones are sponsored by beer brands, where you can get close to artists and celebrities of the moment.

carnival in Salvador 1
carnival in Salvador 1


Both in the cabins at night and in the street circuits during the day, the part of the circuits has an intense noise.

People are clustered and very close together, there is a risk of fights, thefts and other setbacks. Therefore, it is not during these moments that you will rest.

But the experience of those who enjoy Carnival in Salvador is truly unforgettable.

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