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02/10/2022 - Updated on 04/28/2023 2:39 pm

How to Get Free Dental Implants by SUS

Having a beautiful and healthy smile is essential for self-esteem and general health. See how to make your Dental implant.


Dental Implant - Accredited Clinics

Find out which Federal Program offers free dental implants through SUS.

Find out how the program works, what are the eligibility criteria and how to benefit from this incredible opportunity to transform your smile and your quality of life without compromising your finances.

Discover this innovative project and see how it can help you regain self-esteem and oral health.

Get to know the Federal Program that offers dental implants for free through the SUS

Check out some benefits:

  1. Free access to quality dental care: Improved oral health:

  2. Recovery of self-esteem and confidence: 

  3. Durability:

  4. Specialized service: 

  5. Facilitates adherence to treatment: 


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Claudia da Silva Pereira   8 minutes ago

After years of suffering from missing teeth, I found the opportunity to recover my smile in the program.

Nilsa Pelegrini   1 minutes ago

Wow, nice to hear you made it! my appointment is scheduled for next week

Ana Clara   4 minutes ago

I was in doubt because I didn't know how it worked, after I read the post I understood everything.

Maria do Carmo   8 minutes ago

It works, see if it is available in your city

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