How to eat cheaply in Gramado?


How to eat cheaply in Gramado? If you want to eat well and spend little in Gramado, you've come to the right place!

Here you will see the best options for cheap restaurants. And there's more: two sensational tips for you to save even more on your trip!


The city of Gramado, in the Serra Gaúchas, is a region to visit in the cold. The landscapes are beautiful and the local people are kind and very welcoming to tourists. There are several cool places to visit, and the main one is the city itself.


And best of all, you can try amazing dishes full of flavor without breaking the bank.

A golden tip for anyone visiting Gramado is to try the fondue and strudel at Royal Trudel, which are impossible to resist. Each one costs around R$15.00 and it's really worth it!

How to eat cheaply in Gramado?

You can walk and enjoy the pedal boats on the Black Lake, walk in the Black Forest woods and have fun in the Snowland. This snow park is the first in Latin America.

But when hunger strikes, take a break to eat something.

If you decide to have lunch there, be prepared to spend a reasonable amount. But if you want to save money, there are always options for delicious snacks in well-known places in the city.

How to eat cheaply in Gramado 1
How to eat cheaply in Gramado 1

How to eat cheaply in Gramado? See some options:

You can use the Prime Gourmet Club application, in the Take 2 system and pay only 1.

Prime Gourmet is a tourist, gastronomic and hotel guide app that takes you to the best places in the region. It offers an incredible tourist route for you to discover several cool establishments and take advantage of exclusive offers.

If you want to have an exclusive travel experience, Prime Gourmet is a good choice. It offers many discounts and you will be able to visit amazing places and explore the region. It's worth taking advantage of!

In this case, Prime has three types of offers:

– Buy a main dish and get another of the same or lesser value.

– Buy a ticket and get another ticket of the same or lesser value.

– Buy a room rate and get another room of the same or lesser value.

Believe me, these are unmissable offers. Experience everything the city has to offer, don't think about price!

Run there and download the app right now! Try it for free and see how exciting it is to subscribe and enjoy all the amazing benefits. With it, your trip will be unforgettable and good for your pocket. Check it out and download it right now.

Collective purchasing e-commerce

The best service, with a good price for your trip through the Serras Gaúchas, is TchêOfertas!

Another good tip for you: It's a group buying site specializing in deals for various regions in southern Brazil. It is worth taking a look!

In it you will find good information about restaurants with good sensational discounts. They also offer suggestions for amazing tours and places to make your trip unforgettable.

It has water parks, cinemas and other establishments that will let you enjoy everything that the south of Brazil has to offer with unbelievable quality and prices.

The TchêOfertas team selects the best offers and establishments to guarantee you an incredible trip, where you will be satisfied.

So, if you want to enjoy everything the south of the country has to offer without spending too much, TchêOfertas is the right choice!

Want to participate in all these amazing benefits? It's super easy! Just access the website, choose the best offer for the service you want and buy.

After payment is approved, your coupon will be released and you can enjoy your purchase.

But attention: the offers are for a limited time and in some cases there are a limited number of sales, so run there and take advantage of it before it's too late!

How to eat cheaply in Gramado?

Cheap restaurants in Gramado

If you decide to go to Gramado, the landscapes are incredible and everywhere you can enjoy the very good things that the city has to offer.

To see everything, you need to eat too. So check out the tips for cheap restaurants in Serra Gaúcha to enjoy, without worrying too much about what you're going to spend.

Have lunch at Lolô's Warehouse

The Armazém da Lolô restaurant is close to the main church, in the center of Gramado, and is very good for eating well, with flavor and without spending a lot.

The environment is beautiful, preserved, airy and has live music. It has options for all budgets, so if you're looking for a quick snack without too much fuss, it's the right place!

If you are looking for a unique cuisine with touches of Italian cuisine, Armazém da Lolô is the right place for you.

And best of all, you can enjoy the restaurant at any time of the day, as it opens from 8 am to 10 pm.

The prices are pretty cool and fit in your pocket. Take a look at the menu on the official website and come and enjoy them!

At Armazém da Lolô, you will fall in love with the incredible dishes, such as the picanha in stone made with top quality meat.

He offers other snacks on the house, which are also recommended, of good quality. That makes all the difference!

And to finish your meal, there are dessert options. They are handcrafted. Lolô's dessert includes homemade dulce de leche, cream ice cream and crunchy walnuts.

All of these are worth a look to experience! Are you reading How to eat cheaply in Gramado?

Is it snack you want? Then meet Le Grand Burger

Near Lago Negro to eat there is the restaurant Le Grand Burguer. It's cheap and the food is really good.

The burgers are served with juicy meat and incredible seasoning.

The hamburger joint has a French and American vibe and works like a pub, so you'll feel like a real tourist.

And the service is super friendly and attentive, it's worth stopping by!

At Le Grand Burguer, snacks are at market value, and even have vegan options made by the house. And to close with a flourish, we have the famous Cremè Brulée, for a great price.

The restaurant is open on Wednesdays and Fridays from 12:00 to 23:30, so make an appointment with friends and let's eat well!

Be sure to try it in Gramado

If you plan to visit Gramado, there are some things you cannot miss, such as trying the local food.
The city has a very varied cuisine, with a strong tendency towards German food. Typical dishes that will surprise you.

Here it is worth trying the fondue, a warm and creamy dish, which prevails in the region, in the cold. The strudel dessert, sweet made with puff pastry, is incredible.

The filling is usually dulce de leche or fruit jelly. The Royal Trudel is one of the most famous places to experience this delight.

Now for chocolate fans, the Kopenhagen store definitely needs to be visited. The chocolates produced there have no comparison, perhaps, in Switzerland.

And for those who like craft beers, Cervejaria Gramadense is a must stop.

Anyway, the list is long, but these are some of the dishes and places you cannot miss in Gramado. Have a good trip and bon appetit!

Where do residents of Gramado eat?

If you want to experience the local cuisine like a true Gramado resident, you have to know where they eat!

The city has several incredible restaurants that are frequented by the locals themselves and offer delicious dishes at affordable prices.

The Bella Vista Restaurant, known for its fondue options and typical German dishes, is a great option.

As well as the Rodeo Restaurant, which offers a wide variety of dishes and is highly rated by the city's residents.

If you are looking for something more informal, Bar do Tonho is the right place.

This bar is frequented by locals and offers snacks, craft beers and a great atmosphere to enjoy with friends.

Anyway, these are just some of the favorite places for residents of Gramado.

So, if you want to experience local cuisine like a real local, just pick one of these places and enjoy!

How to eat cheaply in Gramado?
How to eat cheaply in Gramado?

How to eat cheaply in Gramado? Conclusion:

Prime Gourmet is an app that offers discounts at restaurants, parks and hotels. TchêOfertas is an e-commerce that offers offers in several regions in the south of the country.

Armazém da Lolô is a restaurant that serves delicious dishes inspired by French and American cuisine and also offers vegan options.

Dessert by Le Grand Burguer is an incredible dessert option made with dulce de leche, ice cream and walnut crunch.

In short, Gramado is a wonderful city, full of charms and several gastronomy and leisure options for you to have fun. With discounts it's even better!

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